Compassion Forms Cornerstone of Company Vision


(NewsUSA) – Most companies have a stated corporate vision, but such a vision may be limited to quantitative goals such as hitting financial targets or attaining certain levels of productivity. MovoCash (MOVO), a company that delivers financial inclusion to all, including individuals who are not able to use traditional banking services, sees its corporate vision differently.The MOVO vision is based on certain principles that all the company’s team members – from the CEO to those in the customer support, technology, and administrative areas – believe in, take to heart in all aspects of their business, and consequently choose to take home with them at the end of the day.These principles align with the proverbial qualities of peace, love and joy. MovoCash team members embrace these qualities and share them with their customers, vendors and business partners, who recognize that this philosophy sets MOVO apart from other businesses. The central elements of the MOVO corporate vision can be summarized in three words: Be. Do. Have.- Be. The MOVO vision starts with this verb, meaning that all team members are committed to having a positive impact on their customers, vendors, and colleagues, which often translates as a feeling of giving back. This commitment causes the team to feel equally valued, regardless of title or department.-Do. MovoCash believes in its cause: that financial inclusion meets the individual need and desire to participate in the financial economy. MovoCash aspires to help people around the world improve their lives and their families’ lives by giving them the financial tools to function in a digital society. With a MOVO account, users can instantly receive paychecks, pay bills, send money to friends and carry out other financial activities within the app. In addition, the MOVO platform integrates with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, making it easy to spend money in the US and across the world.-Have. The sense of purpose and job satisfaction, says the team, resonates with customers and vendors who recognize that having a business relationship with a positive, committed, compassionate company is unique in today’s dog- eat-dog world. This mindset focuses the team’s attention on the people they serve, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. In the end, MOVO values quality over quantity.For more information about MovoCash and to download their app, visit
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