Our Hebrews / The Pirate Toledano / When a Flame Stands Still


Our Hebrews / The Pirate Toledano / When a Flame Stands Still
Event on 2017-04-29 08:00:00
Taste of the Fest: Part II (with Cafe Europa). Taste of the Fest: (a special international sampler of short films!) Short films are an increasingly popular art form. But a really good short is rare. A mix of vibrant storytelling, this exceptional collection highlights very Jewish and personal stories. OUR HEBREWS Directed by Naor Meningher Documentary Short /Israel/2016/22 minutes Hebrew with English subtitles 'Little Jerusalem', that is how the locals refer to the town of Pitigliano in southern Tuscany, because of its striking resemblance to Israel's ancient city. Through the medieval stone walls, the fascinating story of 400 years of harmonic co-existence between Jews and Christians is told for the first time, leading to the heroic acts done by the locals during the time of the Holocaust. THE PIRATE CAPTAIN TOLEDANO Directed by Arnon Z. Shorr Narrative Short /USA/2017/7 minutes Pirate Captain Toledano interrogates a stowaway, a refugee from the Spanish Inquisition.The lad wants to become a pirate to plunder Spanish ships. The Captain must decide whether to make the stowaway a pirate, or to make him walk the plank. WHEN A FLAME STANDS STILL Directed by Michael Mike Canon Narrative Short /USA/2016/18 minutes Yiddish with English subtitles As the love between a young Jewish couple gets warmer, the heat of the Holocaust rises… and as their touch gets closer, so does the Gestapo. Community Partner: Cafe Europa Sponsored by Chana and Phil Bell in honor of Sophie and Max Lazar

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