Millennials Seek Mindfulness as a Fix for Their High Stress Levels


(NewsUSA) – Call them "Generation Stressed." Millions of Americans just made their New Year’s resolutions, and – while eliminating stress tops the list for many of them – it’s especially important to Millennials. Nearly half of them say they’re stressed all the time over everything from money to work, according to a recent survey, and even spending time around "anxious" people can set them off. That same survey also found that Millennials are overwhelmingly looking for an easy solution.One possible answer? Incorporating Japanese Green Tea into one’s daily routine, since it naturally contains the amino acid L-theanine that can help elevate moods and calm worried minds. (Hey, it’s steeped in Zen tradition.)See the full-sized image here to also learn which hours stress Millennials out most. 
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