Hands-On Learners Thrive in Transportation Technology


(NewsUSA) – The arrival of the new year means new decisions for students planning their futures and seeking a career path that not only suits their strengths, but also brings them satisfaction and security.The transportation industry in the United States continues to experience a workforce shortage, and may be the ideal path for hands-on learners whose talents and interests may be well suited for a successful and satisfying technician career.The nonprofit TechForce Foundation has launched the "Be a Pathfinder" campaign to help students with natural talents for hands-on professions discover their strengths and learning styles, and explore a career they might not have considered: that of a transportation technician.The "Be a Pathfinder" campaign features a free learning-styles quiz on the TechForce website that generates a report for students and parents with personalized career tips based on their unique learning styles. Students who take the quiz are entered to win a TechForce Foundation gift package that includes a $ 50 Shell gift card and other prizes."The learning style quiz and personalized resources not only help students and parents recognize the opportunities of a career as a transportation technician, but also help them understand how and why they’re a fit for these careers," says TechForce Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Maher.The campaign encourages students to be "pathfinders" by helping them discover and understand their unique strengths and use that knowledge to choose an educational and career path. TechForce Foundation’s mission is to promote the potential of professional technician careers, and to encourage parents, teachers, and other influential figures in teens’ lives to recognize and support technical careers that may be a good fit for those students.Studies suggest that the U.S. will need 1.2 million new technicians within the next decade, which translates to about 120,000 new jobs per year for aspiring professionals with interest in and aptitude for automotive, diesel, motorcycle, and other transportation fields."Though there are many viable, high-paying job opportunities in STEM-related careers like those in the transportation technician field, students have been told a traditional four-year degree is the only path to success," Maher emphasizes."The truth is that we’re all wired differently, and hands-on learners can thrive in these positions."Students and parents can take the learning-styles quiz at TechForce.org/MyPath.Additional stories, videos, and resources are available on TechForce Foundation’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.Visit techforce.org for more information about TechForce’s work and pathways to rewarding careers. 
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