7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Photographer


Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Some moments are simply too important to trust to a camera phone. Your wedding will be one of the most memorable times of your life, and no one can capture it better than a professional photographer. So how do you find the right one? As you interview photographers, ask them these questions to help you determine if he or she is the right photographer for you. 1. Do you have a portfolio I can review? Reviewing sample work allows you to see the photographer’s style. Is it more formal or candid? Look for images you can see yourself in. Think of three words that describe you and share those with your photographer. 2. Will you create a detailed shot list? This list will ensure no important photo is missed during your wedding. You should be able to create that list together. Take an honest look at what images really matter and fill your photographer in on situations he or she might need to be aware of in order to prevent awkward moments. 3. Do you belong to any professional associations, like the Professional Photographers of America? You want to work with the best, and PPA photographers do more than just snap pictures. They have the technical expertise and artistry to make you look your best and bring your vision to life. Watch this video at PPA.com/SeeTheDifference/Wedding to see why you should always use a professional photographer in these true horror stories from real brides! 4. Do you have backup equipment? You’ve prepared contingency plans for every other aspect of your wedding; your photographer should as well. A true professional will always bring one or two backup cameras, lenses, flashes, lighting equipment, extra memory cards and batteries. 5. Do you have liability insurance? Accidents happen, and if one of your guests trips over your photographer’s light stand, it’s good to know you both are protected. Your reception venue may even ask the photographer to submit a certificate of liability ahead of time. 6. What happens to my images after the wedding? Will your images be backed up to a hard drive or the cloud once processed? How long will your photographer keep the images afterward? If you have any concerns about losing your photos, knowing what the photographer plans to do with your images after your wedding is important. 7. When will I get my photos? Printed photos usually take several weeks, but your photographer may be able to get you some images for social media quickly. Just ask. You won’t be able to see everything that happens at your wedding. The right photographer will capture moments you never knew existed. To learn how you can find the perfect photographer for your wedding, visit PPA.com/WeddingPhotos.
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