Press Here for Perfect Cold Brew Coffee at Home


(NewsUSA) – Cold brew coffee continues to be a hot trend. Recent market research shows an increase in sales of 580 percent between 2011 and 2016 as coffee drinkers have embraced the smooth flavor of cold brew.Cold brew is coffee made with cold water. It sounds simple, but making cold brew concentrate from ground coffee at home can be a messy and time-consuming process. Most devices on the market require 12 to 24 hours of steep time at room temperature to brew a coffee concentrate suitable for cold brew coffee, so serving cold brew coffee has traditionally required advance planning. But now a specialized coffee press allows cold brew coffee lovers to get their fix in a couple of minutes.By briskly stirring coffee grounds and room temperature water together in the AeroPress coffee maker, you can cut brewing time from many hours to just two minutes. Simply add finely ground coffee and room-temperature water, stir, press, and enjoy a cup of smooth, flavorful cold brew coffee.Another advantage of the AeroPress is a quick and easy cleanup. Unlike typical cold brewers, the AeroPress does not leave a large filter full of messy coffee grounds after brewing. It is designed to consolidate the used grounds and filter into a small, neat puck that pops out ready for composting.A huge advantage of cold brewing is it can be done where there is that no access to hot water. When traveling, hiking, biking, or doing other activities away from the home kitchen, there is almost always a source of water but often no way to heat it. However with a lightweight, portable AeroPress, it is easy to brew a cup of smooth rich cold brew using tap water in about two minutes.Not only does the AeroPress brew delicious hot coffee in addtion to cold brew, but as a multipurpose coffeemaker, it helps cut kitchen clutter by eliminating the need for separate machines.Visit for more information about how to enjoy cold brew (or hot) coffee with ease in the comfort of your home.