Gini’s “Blockchain with A Soul” Is Saving Capitalism


(NewsUSA) – "Violent revolutions are inevitable when economic and political conditions become intolerable to the masses," says Ferris Eanfar, CEO of the Gini Foundation. With the rapid rise in wealth inequality and the escalation of economic and social conflicts in recent years, it appears Mr. Eanfar’s predictions are coming true."Yes, sadly, this is what keeps the Gini team very busy," says Eanfar, regarding the Gini Foundation, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, economic, technology and education platform. Gini’s mission is to protect human rights and prevent large-scale violence by creating a more equitable and sustainable cryptocurrency-based monetary system. According to sources familiar with the platform, compared to other cryptocurrencies, Gini is designed to work more safely and effectively in real-world commerce.As a best-selling author and International Political Economy expert, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) architect, financial services professional, and former U.S. Government Intelligence operative, Eanfar has a unique perspective. In his most recent book, "GINI: Capitalism, Cryptocurrencies & the Battle for Human Rights," Eanfar provides refreshing answers to big questions about privacy, A.I., cryptocurrencies, taxes, economic freedom and other socioeconomic trends and technologies that are shaping the future of humanity. It’s About Justice When asked to summarize the book, Eanfar says, "It’s a book about justice and the technologies, systems, and public policies that Gini is building and supporting to achieve justice. Unsustainable wealth and power concentration is destroying capitalism and democracy on Earth today. For the first time in the history of capitalism, authoritarian countries collectively produce a greater share of global GDP than democratic countries. And a majority of the Earth’s human population thinks capitalism is destructive to human civilization. The Gini Platform is designed to solve these problems." Privacy Is a Fundamental Human Right When asked about the importance of privacy, Eanfar says, "All human rights depend on the right to privacy. Democracy cannot exist without the right to privacy because politicians and the corporations that finance their political campaigns inevitably use their wealth and power to spy, manipulate, and sabotage their citizens and customers. These assaults on democracy and human liberty are only possible when politicians and corporations are given the power to violate our right to privacy. Gini protects your privacy."And what about fixing the broken system? "All the problems discussed in the book are only possible when giant corporations and governments collude against the best interests of their citizens," says Eanfar. "This is the essence of broken capitalism and broken democracy on Earth today. Gini provides solutions."All book proceeds go to the nonprofit Gini Foundation.Visit to learn more. 
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