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Louis Here…

Been very busy these last couple of months.  Been to Morgan Hill twice, once with my mom and then again with my mom and dad.  Dental for one and funeral for the other.  Stayed with Kendel and Jax, he is such a character.  Kendel claims he won’t eat his kibble unless mom and I are here.  It just sits in his bowl for weeks at a time.  When we come, mom puts it down for him and he just gobbles it up. I guess she has the magic touch.  Or he thinks I will get it, which I do, so he eats it fast!
Second time we went we stayed with Diane at her house.  That is always fun, cuz, she plays with me and they have a nice big back yard to run around.  And it has grass!  I love to pee on the grass!  They left me alone for the day while they went to the funeral.  I was fine.  Nice warm house and all alone and quiet!
After that, we went home. Boy these 6 hour drives are exhausting. Soon, Mom and Dad left me alone!  Let me explain.  They packed their bags, loaded the car and bang, they were gone!  Later in the afternoon, Paulette came over and took me to her house next door.  I thought, that’s great, they will keep me company for awhile.  After a couple of hours I was lonesome for my family so I went to the fence and whined to go home. Paulette took me home, opened the door and I went in and checked all the rooms, no Mom and Dad! So I went back to Mark and Paulettes house.  There in their bedroom was my bed, in the kitchen was my food and dishes and some of my toys.  What??? Did they give me away? I have never stayed at their house before, so this was cool.
I spent the night on their bed, in my bed, on their couch.  But, I couldn’t go out, so when the sun came up, I just sat in their doorway and whined. They were not used to getting up at 5 am!  Whoa, were they surprised.  Anyway they let me out so I could watch the sun come up.  And as luck would have it, their sprinklers came on about 6 and I got soaked!  I know what ours sound like when they are ready to come on.  Didn’t pick up on theirs.  Mark was up and saw me all wet.  What a nice guy.  He picked me up and thinking he would dry me off, I was happy.  But again, I miscalculated  he put me in the bathtub and turned the warm water on.  I was about to get my first of several baths at their house.  I spent 16 days with these people and got 3 baths.  I only get two a year at home!
Now I figure my mom and dad are on a trip somewhere so I settled in with them. a couple of days later, I was in the yard with Paulette, watching the golfers go by, when someone came in their gate.  I attempted to run and greet them.  But what I thought was cement, was really a blue pool cover.  I started sinking, so I ran to the edge.  Big mistake, now I lost the cover and went under the edge and started to sink!  Paulette was there to pull me out.  Thank goodness.  That pool was cold.  So again a warm bath. Sheesh, don’t they understand the words towel dry? So into the warm water I go for another bath.  Never been so clean.
The next day they put me in my yard so they could play golf.  My dog door was open so I could go into the house and nap. Well they came by golfing, and said hello to me.  Then they left!  What, alone again?  I was desolate.  I didn’t want to be left alone again so I climbed over the fence, rolled down the other side and tried to find them.  They were gone, I ran down the course looking for them, out into the street in our complex and couldn’t find them.  So I went home.  But the gate was closed.  The neighbors next door to them saw me and put me in their yard, until M & P got home.  I found a small hole under the fence and went back into  Mark and Paulettes yard.  Boy were they surprised when they got home and found me on their couch on their patio!  They couldn’t figure out how I got there.  They started calling me houdini!  Anyway, they decided to see if I was jumping the fence.  They put me back into my yard, walked away on the golf course.  Then they hid to see what I would do.  I climbed over again and went looking or them.  This time I found them!  Aha!  They can’t escape from me now! But now when they go somewhere, they lock me in their house!
I got to go to the mailbox every day with Mark on the golf cart.  Lots of treats, new toys and walks every night on the golf course.  But I miss my mom and dad.
The days went by sorta slow, but it was a nice change.  Then one day, when Mark was going to play golf, I was in the house with Paulette and all of a sudden I heard a whistle!  It was my moms whistle! I ran down the hall and jumped into her arms.  They were back!  Yhey didn’t forget me.  They were on a cruise to Hawaii for 15 days!  Boy was I glad to see them. It was so nice to go home, with my family and get back to my normal routine.  You don’t really know how good you have it, until it goes away!  Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving. Talk to you soon.

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