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Louis Here…

Wow, have I got lots to tell you guys. We have been traveling all summer, so I have been remiss in writing.  But now I will give you the whole scoop!  We left at the end of June to go to Morgan Hill for an Anniversary party for friends.  They were married for 50 years.  Quite a feat in these days!.  I stayed at home of course with Jax.  My Mom and Dad stay with my sissy while in town.  Jax who I spoke of before is a Chihuahua. Or I should really say a verbose small dog!  He is always making noises.  If you pick him up, he gurgles, when he wants to play with me, he barks. Anyway his vet said he has never heard such a yakkie dog!
We stayed for the party, then a week longer, cause Kendel had a wedding to go to at Lake Tahoe. Mom and Dad babysat for her.  At night we all went to bed, and Jax just went to her room and climbed into his bed.  In the morning he came and woke Mom up to go out.  Me too, cause I was sleeping in their room also!  So out we go to potty, then he wants to play, I am still sleepy at 6am.  But oh well, I can always sleep later.
When Kendel came home, you would have thought she was gone a month.  He jumped up and down, barked, whined, and made all sorts of noise.  Please, get over it!  She’s home already. So we stayed for the 4th of July, another parade, horses, this time I knew what they were!  Big ones, little ones and of course the Pooper Scooper following behind.  Everyone cheers when they come by!  Funny, mom doesn’t cheer when she picks up my poop!  Or is it me who should cheer? Anyway, after two weeks, we were on the road again heading home.  Hot, here but we had a day of rain!  Can you imagine, in July in the desert? Well when that happens, we get flash flooding in the washes, cause the sand cannot absorb that much water all at once.  What a mess, streets closed and people who are just plain stupid, try to drive thru it and get stuck!  Happens every year, they just don’t get it!
So we stayed for two weeks, then on the road again! I am positive they have Gypsy blood in them!
This time it’s back to Morgan Hill for a week.  This time Kendel went to Hawaii with her boyfriend.  We are babysitting again! Mom and Dad and I went to bed and Jax went to his room, but this time about 1:30 in the morning, he came into our room and started whining on Mom’s side.  She picked him up and he dove under the covers next to Mom!  Ha, I was on the bed and he moved so fast I never saw him again until morning!
Around 7am this time, he woke up and we went out to pee.  Mom leaves the slider to the back yard open so we can go in and out, and she goes back to bed.  Didn’t work this time, we both went upstairs and jumped up on the bed to play.  Not a good idea with Dad still in the bed! He kicked us both off!  Fine thing
In the morning when Mom got up to go to the bathroom, she didn’t close the door all the way so Jax pushed it open.  I jumped in front of him to cut him off from my Mom.  Well I tell you the next thing that happened, utterly shocked me. I cut him off from my mom and he obviously didn’t like that, so he lifted his leg and pee’d on my hind leg!  I just stood there shocked and looked at my mom!  She looked at me and grabed Jax and told him he was a bad boy.  I was still standing there in shock!  Mom had to wipe my leg off and take the rug to the washing machine to wash it!
I couldn’t believe it.  He pee’d on my leg! What a brat!
Mom and Dad went out to dinner a lot with friends, so Jax and I were all alone at night.  When they returned, we had toys all over the place.  We played with them all, then ran around the house with them, playing tag.  What fun! It was nice with Jax, but I was ready for a rest.  10 days of play and not many naps is tough on a guy.  Every night when we went to bed, I cut Jax off so he couldn’t get close to my Mom.  I slept up by her head so he couldn’t get under the covers.  Jax slept at her feet.  But after a half hour, I would jump down and get into my bed, and that little brat ran up and dove under the covers with my mom! He did this every night!  Same routine, I cut him off, he waits and then when I move he jumps into the space left by me!  Under the covers!  I guess he needs the heat!  But my Mom doesn’t.  She claims to be the queen of the Hot Flash!  That’s why I can’t lay next to her, she is too hot for me!
Kendel finally came home.  What an ordeal with his Mom.  Yelling, screaming, jumping up and down! Boy was he happy to see her!
Next day we were on the road again!  Thought we were going home, but not!   Arrived at Elk Grove, near Sacramento at Dad’s sisters house.  They have the Brussels Griffon named Max! Here we go again! No rest for the wicked.  They have a hugh yard, so I can run.  Max and I play and run in the yard.  Great visit. Stayed two days there.  At night we go for a walk, Dave in his cart, he has bad feet, and Max and I on a leash. Nice, cool there, I can walk without getting too hot.
After two days we are on the road again!  Will this never end!
I know where we are this time, in Medford Oregon!  We stayed in this Hotel before.  It is across the street from a dog park!  Whoopee I can go run and play! I like this place. As usual mom went shopping and Dad and I took our afternoon naps!  Mom likes to go to the Harry and David store in Medford.  Buys lots of goodies! She is taking gifts to Mark and Paulette.  They love the munchies!  Another night in a hotel.  But my bed is here so I know all is well.
In the morning, again on the road, never knowing where we go next!  This time we ended up in Bandon Oregon on the coast.  Mom likes to go there and buy jams and jellies from a shop there!  They also stop at the coast to have seafood.  Anyway we stopped for lunch and oh my gosh there was this hugh English Bulldog sitting at the same table as us!  He weighed 70 pounds! I felt sorry for him, he was overweight, the back of his hind paws were red and had open wounds.  He had trouble walking too!  Too bad he wasn’t taken care of as good as me!  I am a perfect specimen!  So I think!  Tee Hee!!!
Next on to Coos Bay.  Weather in Oregon, has been thunder showers, fog, wind and cold!  I like it, but Mom and Dad were forced to wear jackets!  Not something they are used to doing in the summer where we live! Fires also burning in Oregon.  One stretch of the road, required lights because the smoke was so thick. Hotel in Coos Bay was nice, Mom and Dad brought me food from dinner, and then we took our evening walk in the fog and mist.  Met a couple of Yorkies walking too!  And a big German Sheperd. All nice no conflict.  And then it’s on the road again in the morning!  This time we are headed for Seattle!  What a mess I-5 is in Washington.  Traffic all over, stop  and go. In the middle of the day! Why aren’t these people at work or at home.  Really, this is summer and the roads should be clear!  Anyway we arrived in downtown Seattle in the early evening.  Enough time for me to take a walk and pee.  I hadda go! Then Mom and Dad went to dinner and after, another walk and to bed!  I was tired.  Spent a lot of time in traffic looking out the window.  When traffic slows Mom opens my back windows so I can look out and get some air! Phewie, nothing but car exhaust!
The next morning we walked down to the Pike’s Pier to see them throwing fish.  What a mess, soooo many people, I was threading the needle through everyone.  I was hoping Mom and Dad were behind me.  Could feel Mom on the other end of the leash, but couldn’t see her!  Finally, there came Mom!  I have never been in so much traffic of feet! We found a bench and sat down to get some space! Busy city.  Never been in a downtown city area.  How do people stand it!
Spent two days here.  Mom found a park two blocks from the Hotel.  We went every morning and evening for our walk.  It was a beautiful park, lots of grass and trees.  Met other dogs there too!  Nice to have some green among all the buildings. Hotel very nice.  Have to go up and down in those “moving rooms”  But when the door opens I sprint out.  Don’t like my rooms to move!  But have to take them to get up to our room!
Again in the car, this time we are heading across the border to visit Mark and Paulette in Vancouver, Canada.  Mom and Dad have their passports, and my papers too.  But they asked for Mom and Dads passports, but they didn’t even care about me.  Not a single question.  Guess I have an honest face. A couple of hours and we arrived at their house!  I jumped out of the car and ran to greet Paulette!  As I entered the house, OH NO!  The Boston Terrors are there. They ran up to me and started to surround me.  I just growled and stood in my bulldog stance with a big NO on my face! Mark and Paulette told them to be nice!  Ha! they don’t know the word! So we ran out to the yard to play.  Didn’t work out so good either!  One on one is good, but two on one is not a good thing.  I finally had enough and they saw a side of me that they didn’t know existed!  I growled and attacked.  Boy that put them in their place.  Mom and Dad and Mark and Paulete were shocked too!  They said it was good for me to hold my ground, and the Terrors needed to be put in their place! And how many days are we here for?
So we spar back and forth. When they play together, they leave me alone.  But when they want me to play with them, that is another story.  Lucy is the aggressor.  Ruckus is a lover. I like him better than I do her. But they come as a pair!  Their owners Kyle and Katie are having their house renovated, so they were staying with grandma and grandpa.  Oh well  I can deal.  It’s not forever.  When they go out to dinner, they leave me in my room with my bed and the terrors alone in the house. It works for me, I don’t have to defend myself while they are gone.  Also after all, it is their house not mine!  We all took a walk, that is to say, not dad, he napped, Paulette went to pilates and Katie and Mark and me and the dogs.  Went to a pet store there, to get Dog Rocks! Never head of them before.  You put them in a dogs water dish and it keeps his urine from turning the grass yellow.  Who knew.  Mom bought some for me, I’ll let you know how that works out for Mom next time I write.  Anyway we spent three days there with the terrors and by the last day, we were finally tolerating each other.  Then it was off into the car again, saying goodbye and heading south!  Back to the good old USA. We spent 12 hours in the car!  Major traffic on the roads in Washington and again in Portland.  Arrived in Medford late, no dinner, just bed!  We were all tired. Next morning, in the car again!  Now where.  Can’t believe it, is there no end to this trip? We arrived in the afternoon in Angels Camp.  Hey I know that dog, it’s Zoey the Weiner dog!  She visited in April.  I like her. She is nice non aggressive, they have a nice yard, lots of places to pee and poo! This was a nice visit after those terrors!  They went out to dinner and Zoey and the Cat and I stayed in the house.  Took a nap!  Needed it!
In the morning we had breakfast and again in the car.  This time we were finally heading home. Mom said so!  I was glad to hear it.  This was a long road trip for me.  Enjoyed being with my family, but what a trip!  Arrived home around 4 in the afternoon, no traffic in California!  Much better roads, more lanes, etc. Hot and muggy, but home sweet home!

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